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Country doctor Dr Jordan W Smith, with horse and carriage
Country doctor Dr Jordan W Smith, who would go in this carriage to deliver babies, and be away for 8-9 days in winter His trusty steed and him. See his housekeeper and two of his sons?

About The Senator Guest Suites

This magnificent Queen Anne was built by a much-loved country doctor Dr. Jordan Smith in 1895 following a fire that razed much of the street.
It has survived as the in-town home of several generations of his family, including one son who was appointed to the Senate of Canada. In his honour, we have named the property The Senator Guest Suites.
The office of Fownes Law is located on the ground floor.  There are several floors above which have been updated tastefully as luxury suites.
This home has a special feel, redolent of Liverpool’s prosperous past in the quality of its solid construction and flair.
Great central location to bike or walk to all the good things Liverpool, and Queens County, have to offer. 
Your Hosts, Allen and Lynn Fownes
Your Hosts, Allen and Lynn Fownes

Your Hosts

Allen Fownes and Lynn Kontak

Allen is a lawyer and Lynn is an elementary school teacher, living in Halifax, NS.
Visitors to Liverpool will notice a granite tablet on the Liverpool Federal Building across the street which bears the name of Senator Donald Smith. Senator Smith was a local Member of Parliament who grew up in Liverpool in this big house built by his father, Dr. Jordan Smith, who was an MLA for Queens.
One young visitor strolling back from the Fort Point Lighthouse Park remarked that the turret on The Senator made it look like a castle.  The child thought that Liverpool’s small town main street looked like MainStreet USA which you take to walk to Disney’s famed Castle.  How nice to hear!  Liverpool architecture is amongst the finest in the Province.  Hope you too will enjoy this walk.